The one with the Sculpture

The first phase of developing the sculpture is to mold it. However, instead of using bare hands, we the fcm-ians, decided to developed it by using technology. Pretty high-tech ha!

It took sometimes to fully complete the final product since we casually add some elements of improvements. Such as, we added sound.

The idea is that the golden character used to be one of the jagged ones and now creating its own identity. This represents; the golden character is now breaking free from the usual, ordinary society after joining the FCM community. You can see the difference of the golden character from the rest of the sculpture, from a rough and dull shape to a refined and shiny state. and the sculpture shows that the golden character is reaching for a better, different life than the rest.

The one with the Sketches

Now that we have our tag line, its time to do the some serious sketch works for the final product.
Yayyyy!!! This is where Aziq’s skills comes in handy! Not that all of us don’t have any skills, but he seems to be the one who are better at sketches.

Below are the sketch that was approved by Mr Radzi himself! Tada~

The sketch depicts an individuals which one of the sculpture represents an fcm students while the other one supposedly represents other students from different faculties. The two sculptures looks totally different from one another. The one that has the fine features is the fcm students and vice versa.

The one with the Tag

Yayyyy!!! We have presented the essay! Guess what? We forgot to do the closure part of the essay! Dang!!! Thanks the lord above, Mr Radzi still accepted it even it was just hand written.

The next step is to come up with the best tag line that depicts the idea of FCM WROX!

Wish we no writer’s block~

Finally, after all the agony, brain hard thinking sessions, we decided that our tag line should be something that sounds like...something individual plus something that got to do with creativity. After all, we are fcm-ians aren’t we?

So, knowing that two clues, we successfully created our own tag line! Yayyyy!!! It goes like :


Meaning, we, the FCM students stand out more than the other students from different faculties. From the way we learn to the way our mind develop the creativeness. Student of FCM also have been exposed to new media technologies by the lecturers themselves. For example, student of Digital Media are exposed to the future of interactivity. Such as touch screen and infra red sensor application and the Film and Animation student are exposed to the world of MAYA and Visual Effects.

The one with the Words

The next task is to write a 800 words essay regarding our topic:

Personally, we think fcm wrox because we got the chances to play around with new tools and softwares rather than just be a geek with pages of books stuck in front of the face all the times! (no offence dear geeky friends!)

Honestly, we think this is the hardest part of the project especially when all of us suddenly facing with writer’s block! It really did tortured every corner of our brain.

After so many hours struggling, we finally did it!!! YEAHHHHH!!!

Next, we need to present the essay! Hope Mr Radzi will approve it!

The one with New Title

We've consulted our mind map and our lecturer only 1 main point of our 4 main point mind map. He has chosen "FCM WROX!"

So now he have to make an essay with 800 words in it to explain why-

The one with the Authority

The day comes when we need to present our mind map. We did feel somewhat nervous at first. But when it’s finally our turn to present the butterflies in the tummy sudden was gone and the presentation went well. We even got more brilliant ideas and suggestions (and more works too! darn it! ) from Mr Radzi. It was a good thing that we were really enjoying this subject though!

The one with the Brain

Today was a fine sunny day when we all sat together and starts brainstorming the ideas for the MIND MAP presentation. The mind map should be design unusually so that it would be interesting to look at; or that was what we thought back then.

After few genius attempts, we finally had our mind map done!
It was fun since we haven’t had chances to play with color pencil for quite sometimes!

The one with the Idea

For this final project, we were required to form a group of 5ive and design a thematic project regarding Faculty of Creative Multimedia. It was somewhat like doing a case study in promoting fcm.

To get the basic idea of our topic, we did some brainstorming which begins with a very simple question that in the end leads to many more questions. Finally, after few tough mind wrecking operations, we decided to settles for ‘FCM WROX’ as our topic. Why FCM WROX? Stay tune as we update more progress.

The one called Panda

“ if you want creative workers, give them enough time to play ”
- John Cleese

Being creative is not something that everyone can be.

Thus came the not so hard part. What should our theme be called? We thought we should come up with something simple, unique name that really resembles the group members; something similar; something all five of us have in commons.

‘Panda eyes’! – at first It started as a joke which afterwards we realized it really does resembles us. Therefore, we modify it to PANDA VISION!
We see, we interpret, and we make it different!

So that settles the easy part. Then came the real crucial part; CHOOSING THE LEADER!

“The leader is the most important role in any group.”
If the group scores a ‘B’, then the leader will get an ‘A’ just like that. (Sounds too good to be true? Wait till you read the next line!)
…BUT, if the group scores a ‘D’, the leader will automatically will get an ‘F’!
- the waaaay too cunning lecturer, Mr Bedu-

Knowing that simple FACT, no one was braved enough to volunteer for the post; except our very own PANDA leader! Below are the group infos.

Mohd Shamin Aizat b Ruslan (1081106373)
Fatin Nabilah bte Abdul Malik (1081106367)
Haziq Iylia b Hasan (1081106369)
Syazzren b Sazali (1081108636)
Azizul Hafiz b Ahmad (1081103204)

The one with the Declaration

First and foremost, this blog was created by Panda Vision for the sole purpose of recording our final project progress for the subject [MCC1013] Creative Studies under the Degree course of Multimedia University Cyberjaya.

All rights are reserved for Multimedia University Cyberjaya.

No part of this blog may / might be produced, stored in retrieve – view systems, or transmitted in any form or by any means of electronics, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise; without prior written permission from Multimedia University Cyberjaya.